After Carine Roitfeld has left French Vogue in December 2010 a fashion magazine has been the subject of speculation. Time has come and Roitfeld introduces the first issue of her magazine named CR fashion book. The highly anticipated fashion ‘bible’ will come out twice a year and 24/7 online. The fashion book is filled with supermodels, high fashion photographers and top stylists.

Given reports of a defcon 5 fashion war between Roitfeld and her former bosses at Conde Nast, this magazine shows that it might have been her who lead the French Vogue and not the other way around. With the first issue Roitfeld proves that she still has a lot of powerful allies even without the Vogue Name to back her up. She teamed up with great names as Karl Lagerfeld, Linda Evangelista and Michael Avedon, the grandson of Richard Avedon, to create this first issue.

The cover of the first issue is filled with babies, one side shows the model Kate Upton holding baby chicks and the other shows a little girl holding a naked baby.

Carine Roitfeld is back, but she won’t call it a comeback, more like a re-birth, the magazine is filled with babies after all.

Visit CR fashion book online at

Karl Lagerfeld was one of the contributers to the CR Fashion Book. Mr. Lagerfeld photographed supermodels Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour and Carolyn Murphy as the heroines of the Nouvelle Vague.

Text: Suja K