Which shopping mall is the biggest in Los Angeles?

Which shopping mall is the biggest in Los Angeles?
Jul, 22 2023 Elias Beaumont

An Introduction to Shopping in Los Angeles

As an LA local, I've spent my fair share of weekends perusing the city's many shopping malls. From high-end luxury boutiques to budget-friendly big-box stores, Los Angeles truly has a retail experience to suit every type of shopper. But for those of you who enjoy a grand shopping expedition, there's nothing quite like a visit to the city's biggest mall.

So, which mall takes the cake for being the largest in Los Angeles? Read on as I take you through a comprehensive exploration of this title holder, along with some notable mentions that also deserve a spot on your LA shopping bucket list.

Discovering the South Coast Plaza

The biggest shopping mall in Los Angeles - and indeed, the entire West Coast - is the South Coast Plaza. Located in Costa Mesa, this shopping behemoth spans 2.8 million square feet, housing over 270 stores that range from high-street to luxury.

What's more, South Coast Plaza is not just a shopping destination. It's an entire experience. With a world-class theater, a renowned sculpture garden, and a host of gourmet restaurants, it's no wonder this mall attracts more than 22 million visitors annually.

Exploring the Shops at the Beverly Center

While not the largest, the Beverly Center is certainly one of the most iconic malls in Los Angeles. Nestled in Beverly Hills, this eight-story structure boasts an impressive roster of high-end designer stores, making it a favorite among LA's fashion-forward crowd.

But beyond shopping, the Beverly Center also offers a range of entertainment options. From an extensive food court brimming with diverse culinary delights to a state-of-the-art cinema, there's plenty to do here even if you're not in the mood for a shopping spree.

Uncovering the Del Amo Fashion Center

Next on the list is the Del Amo Fashion Center, located in Torrance. Once the largest mall in America, Del Amo still holds the title for being the third-largest mall in Los Angeles. With over 200 stores, a multi-screen cinema, and a variety of dining options, it's a must-visit for any dedicated shopper.

What sets Del Amo apart is its mix of both upscale and affordable stores, making it a popular choice for shoppers of all budgets. Plus, with its recent renovations, the mall now offers a more modern and enjoyable shopping experience.

Experiencing The Grove

If you're looking for a shopping experience with a difference, you can't miss The Grove. While it's not the largest mall in terms of square footage, The Grove offers a unique, open-air shopping experience that's hard to beat.

Routinely featured in movies and TV shows, The Grove is as much a cultural landmark as it is a shopping center. With a charming trolley that runs through it and a dancing fountain that delights visitors of all ages, it's a place where shopping meets entertainment in the most delightful way.

Visiting the Glendale Galleria

Last but not least, let's not forget about the Glendale Galleria. As one of the oldest malls in Los Angeles, the Galleria holds a special place in the hearts of many Angelenos.

With over 1.6 million square feet of retail space, the Glendale Galleria offers a wide variety of shopping options. Whether you're in the mood for luxury shopping, looking for a bargain, or simply want to enjoy a meal at one of its many eateries, the Galleria has you covered. Plus, with its close proximity to the Americana at Brand, you can easily double your shopping adventure.


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Which shopping mall is the biggest in Los Angeles?